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Everyone turns to nature at some point in their lives. I started pretty early. I spent a lot of time as a child searching for frogs and turtles, not knowing at the time that I was developing a sense of stewardship toward all wild places and wild things. My parents have pictures of me sitting by the lake looking at field guides. I am sure many others started this way, with a bug book and a glass jar. Back then nature was exploration and discovery. It still is today. But now, after years of adulthood and its responsibilities, I recognize clearly that I need nature. I need open space and returning geese. I need babbling brooks and spring peepers. I need fall foliage and the silence a winter wood brings. And so do you. We often lose sight of our natural connection with the earth as we cling to a high speed society. But nature is there, what's left of it, to rejuvenate us, to help us find calm during chaos in our lives.

For me, photography enhances my time spent in nature, causing me to find even more meaning in what I observe. It allows me to connect more deeply. Photography helps me share my vision for a healthier environment. And, I use it to record rural life and our disappearing ties to our past, such as old barns and abandoned farmsteads. I also like to find elements of nature and light just about anywhere. So don't be surprised to find some of my favorite images depict scenes outside of what one would perceive as nature photography.

I invite you to visit every gallery of images, as each one represents places to cherish and things to inspire. You will see visions of Livingston County, New York, where I call home. The Genesee Valley, with its namesake river, historic oak trees, agricultural roots and abundant wildlife serves as a model of rural beauty. I have retreated to the Adirondack Mountains for over 40 years, finding peace and wilderness. Much of my photography is done in my own background. Our little farm in Caledonia is heaven for us, with the Wetlands we reclaimed in the name of biodiversity, to the charm and history of the big old house and barns. I've created a gallery just to share our special place with you.

Dick and his nephew

My camera serves not only as a tool of creativity, but the means by which I feel I can contribute the most toward environmental awareness and preservation. I use Nikon digital SLR's and a selection of Nikon lenses. I shoot almost every photo using a tripod, except for the use of a monopod with some wildlife work. I believe, in this age of digital enhancement, that the strength and success of any image is still created primarily from the photographer's vision and technique in taking a photograph.

With that said, I have also become enamored with the art I can create with my phone camera. Here on my site you will find a new gallery of special images I've created using my iPhone and a host of applications. With iPhone photography I allow myself to step away from my purist photographic background and just plain have fun making art through my vision and digital technology. I know you will find the results as pleasing as I do.

Thank you for visiting!

Dick Thomas


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